The Benefits of Joining the American Seniors Association

Alpharetta, GA 1/21/2012 01:01 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

For years, the American Seniors Association (ASA), which is known nationally as "the conservative alternative to the AARP," has been working for the interests of senior citizens. Its advocacy is for the health and wealth of American seniors.

Some benefits of joining the AmericanSeniorsAssicoation:

There is no Age Minimum: people from every generation can join the ASA to lend their voices to issues that affect everyone.

Special Rates: ASA gives its members access to low rates on Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Members can visit any doctor, any hospital, anywhere in the nation at anytime.

Insurance Plans: Insurance Plans are affordable, flexible and provide value for ASA members and their families.

Pharmacy Discounts: Members get access to discounts on brand-name and generic drugs through our network.

Excellent Support: Becoming an ASA member means that you can confidently rely on its team of experts.

Special travel discounts are offered to ASA members as well as possible discounts o n travel insurance.

For $15 a year, you can gain access to all these benefits and become a member of the American Seniors Association. In addition to that, you can add your spouse to your membership at no extra cost. Join the American Seniors Association today.


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