Newt Gingrich’s second wife reveals reason for divorce

McLean 1/20/2012 05:33 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

When someone is running for President their moral character is questioned by other candidates, supporters and pundits. It is no secret that Newt Gingrich is on his third marriage and was also an adulterer.

Now, Newt’s second Marianne has come forward to talk about their divorce. She revealed in an interview with the Washington Post that Newt wanted to have an “open marriage.” When Marianne refused Newt asked for a divorce. 

At the time, Newt was having an extra-marital affair with his current wife Callista. He states that he has since asked for God’s forgiveness.  

Most marriages don’t last after infidelity and the parties soon find themselves in need of a divorce attorney 

Marianne Gingrich stated that just a couple of days after Newt asked for a divorce he spoke to a conservative group of women extolling moral virtues.

Newt Gingrich was angered after he heard that Marianne came forward with these allegations, stating that it was “tawdry and inappropriate.”

ABC will broadcast an interview with Marianne on Nightline this evening. She said she decided to do the interview because it became unavoidable after receiving numerous requests.

Despite how a person feels about Newt or Marianne, this shows how tough infidelity can be on a marriage. When this trust is breached, the jilted spouse often turns to a divorce lawyer to end the marriage.

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