Craig G. Francis Blogs on President Obama’s Proposed Reorganizations

Post discusses wisdom of planned moves

San Diego 1/20/2012 09:59 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

History of the SBA
San Diego, CA - Craig G. Francis, successful SBA and business loan broker, discusses the President’s latest moves in his post “Obama’s Proposed Reorganization - Help or Hindrance?” on In the post, Francis analyzes the possible results of merging several business-related government agencies into one single cabinet-level agency.

As Craig G. Francis points out, while reducing the size of the federal government is a worthy goal, there are issues surrounding this particular reorganization that are troubling. He notes that both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have concerns about elements of the plan, among them the President’s request for an up-or-down vote on his authority to make consolidations, without Congressional input on the actual moves.

While the moves Obama proposes could save the government $3 billion over ten years, in part through a reduction in workers by 1000-2000 through attrition, that will make little change in a multi-trillion dollar deficit. “My personal opinion is that this move is entirely political,” says Craig G. Francis, “with little real savings, and will result in a more intrusive bureaucracy with many of the unintended consequences such moves have.”

“If someone with business savvy were to look into this restructuring plan and propose something that was ostensibly more effective,” Francis explained, “I might give them a tip of the hat. The problem is, we have these proposals coming from an administration that has shown itself to be the the direct opposite of ‘business savvy.’”

“I fear that this move would give us the type of preference-based lending that led to the real estate crash.”

Craig G. Francis

In his post, Craig G. Francis goes on to discuss the dangers of adding more political elements to the SBA. He points out that under the Carter Administration the SBA began to offer direct loans, with a resulting 40 percent loss rate. The great concern is that loans would be given out based not on tried-and-true guidelines but on political expediency.

With over thirty years of experience in business lending, including placing over 2500 loans for over $1 billion in funding, Craig G. Francis has a wealth of knowledge about the industry. His insights into banks, lending and businesses make and solid sources for small business owners.

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