104 Linked To Mexican Mafia Arrested In California Raid

Atlanta 1/27/2012 02:11 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Over 100 people linked to the Mexican Mafia gang were arrested in southern California Wednesday in an early morning raid. Federal officials say a total of 119 people from 20 major street gangs led by the Mexican Mafia have been charged with a wide range of crimes including racketeering, gun trafficking, drug distribution, kidnapping and attempted murder. The U.S. attorney general’s office in San Diego listed the charges in 17 indictments and 8 criminal complaints.

Of the 119 people charged, 104 were arrested in the raid. The majority of the arrests occurred in San Diego County. Police say two top Mexican Mafia members - Rudy Espudo, 39, and Salvador Colabella, 53 – were among those in custody. Fifteen suspects remain at large and are being sought by federal and local authorities.

The raid, which the FBI office in San Diego has called “one of the largest single takedowns in San Diego FBI history,” was the result of three major investigations into gang operations.


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