Christian Addiction Treatment And The Freedom Treatment Centers Program

Albion 2/29/2012 03:56 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The need for Christian addiction treatment programs

With the increasing growth of substance abuse and addiction in the US, more and more demands have been placed on designing and developing addiction treatment and recovery programs to facilitate the needs of the addicted individual.  Originally, there were only alcohol and/or drug addiction programs.  However, over the past few decades, there has been a need to for the treatment of and recovery from other types of addictions, whether they are behavioral or chemical addictions.

For instance, there are numerous programs today for gambling, pornography, video game, and other types of behavioral as well as chemical addictions.  However, many of the addiction treatment and recovery centers do not have success rates that are worth bragging about because they still focus on only the physical aspects of an individual’s addiction.  They oftentimes neglect or overlook the emotional and psychological consequences of a person’s behavioral or substance addiction.

More importantly, there is now a 4th level that is affected as well.  The spiritual level of the addicted individual oftentimes comes into play because their needs run deeper than the 3 levels mentioned above.  For the individual who was born into, and grew up in a faith-based environment, the conventional addiction treatment and recovery centers don’t address this issue and cannot help those individuals who have a strong Christian ethic that they want to live by again.

The Narconon Freedom Center can help

Our substance addiction rehabilitation center offers Christian addiction treatment programs for those individuals who want to heal themselves, rid their bodies of the substance that they are addicted to, and get back on the path of their Christian beliefs.  Our Christian-based treatment and recovery programs enable the individual to enhance their progress by being able to study the teachings and writings of God and Jesus Christ.

At the Narconon Freedom Center, there are 6 key elements that our Christian addiction treatment and recovery programs involve:

  • Bible studies and scriptural instruction
  • Candlelit sessions for prayer and reflection
  • Faith-based Christian 12-Step Program
  • Lectures and sermons conducted by both ministers and pastors of different faiths and beliefs
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Regular church services

Additionally, our Christian addiction treatment programs enable the client to explore and strengthen their Christian faith and maintain a new lifestyle once they have completed the treatment and recovery program.  If you have been searching for a substance addiction treatment and recovery program that is faith-based, please consider our programs here at the Narconon Freedom Center.

Our programs enable clients to seek out their personal spiritual paths to walk as they work through the treatment and recovery process.  Please contact us at the toll-free phone number above should you have any additional questions or require further assistance.


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