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Dallas, TX 3/06/2012 12:49 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Sionix Corporation (OTCBB: SINX) reached up 75% in morning trading to $.07 with 3M shares traded. Sionix designs innovative and advanced MWTS intended for use in energy, government facilities, healthcare facilities, emergency water supplies during natural disasters, housing development projects, and various industrial processes including subterranean fracturing used in oil and gas drilling. These systems can be located adjacent to contaminated water sites or as a pre-treatment for reverse osmosis and other membrane applications. Industries involved in dairy, agribusiness, meat processing, mining, poultry operations, and many others can benefit from Sionix' cost-effective, easily-maintained, portable water treatment systems. Sionix Corporation (OTC.BB: SINX.OB - News) announced today that it has entered into a Water Treatment Agreement ("WTA") with McFall Incorporated, a Carnation, WA-based construction and logistics firm operating under a Master Service Agreement with a major oil and gas exploration and production company in the Williston Basin. Sionix will deploy a fully-equipped Mobile Water Treatment System ("MWTS") consisting of de-watering, DAF, filtration, and de-salination components for operation alongside a specific drilling rig.

Li-ion Motors Corp, (OTCBB: LIMO) reached up 17.39% in morning trading to $.27 with 160K shares traded. Li-ion Motors Corp. was incorporated in Nevada April 2000. They are a technology company focusing their resources and efforts on the development, manufacturing and marketing of high speed lithium-powered vehicles. Since 2003, the company has worked diligently to develop their patented state-of-the-art Battery Management System (BMS) and has done so independently without any financial assistance from government funding, corporate sponsorships, or joint ventures. Li-ion Motors Corp, (OTC.BB: LIMO.OB - News) reveals plans for additional collaboration and an amended license agreement with Lithium Electric Vehicle Corp. ("LEVC") of Canada to benefit from the Canadian government incentives especially those offered in the province of Quebec, to ensure the technology will remain the industry leader.

PositiveID Corporation ("PositiveID") (OTCBB:PSID) reached up 15.97% in morning trading to $.1365 with 550K shares traded. PositiveID Corporation develops unique medical devices and molecular diagnostic systems, focused primarily on diabetes management, rapid medical testing and airborne bio-threat detection. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, MFS, is focused on the development of microfluidic systems for automated preparation of and performance of biological assays. PositiveID Corporation ("PositiveID") (OTCBB:PSID.OB - News) announced today that it has finalized its first-in-class development of a fully synthetic glucose sensing system to measure glucose levels within the body for people with diabetes. PositiveID and its partner RECEPTORS LLC believe they are the first to develop a fully synthetic, stable, sensitive, selective sensing system that is responsive to glucose in human plasma, which is considered to be a critical step in the development of an artificial pancreas.

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