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New York 3/13/2012 01:58 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

With the economy in a state of utter disarray and no end to this “Recession” in sight, it seems that the prospects for a driven “Aspiring” young person entering today’s work force are decidedly grim and unfortunately less fruitful than any period in recent history.


Thus, the always informative team at Elite has gathered information on several career paths that we deemed to be worthy pursuits, particularly in industries that offer arguably unlimited room for growth and no set cap on future financial earnings, to help you make up your over educated, under worked mind:



Sports Agent

Starting Salary: Utter crap, seeing as you’ll probably start off working the mail-room. You wont make much at first and you’re in for a long grind of schlepping coffees and transcribing meetings, but hard work is not without reward–make agent and you’re in for a three to five percent stake of every deal, you broker.


Forecast for the Future: According to Department of Labor statistics, there are ten percent more sports based jobs than there were in 2002. The recession may have had a negative effect on corporate sponsorship and some sections of the sports world, but the fact remains that seldom professional athletes are hard up for cash. Don’t believe me? Ask A-Rod.


Job Description: Whether you’ve graduated magnum-cum-laude from an Ivy or managed to slip through the cracks at your local Community College, that mail room stint is pretty much a mandatory proving ground for all aspiring agents. Survive the abuse and asinine requests and you’ll rapidly ascend through the ranks. Most of today’s agents manage to snag a law degree along the way. After all, you are in the contract business.


Perks: VIP access to games and athlete endorsed events

Hazards: Escorts and Gold Diggers with ulterior motives, Crazed clients, being the guy to clean up after Athletes (Micheal Vick anyone?)



Wine Maker

Starting Salary: $50,000


Forecast for the Future: We beat the French at everything: In 2010, the U.S.A overtook France as the world’s biggest wine consumer. As a nation we consumed over 784 million gallons, with the average adult’s intake at an average of 2.54 gallons–twice that for WASPY A -Holes and women that watch too many Rom Coms.


Job Description: Varies. A skilled wine maker is a Jack of All Trades doing everything except farming. Daily task could range from crushing grapes, lugging barrels, and pouring the occasional glass for a tourist while explaining all the nuances and complexity of “Vintages.” Entry level positions require little  more than  a basic knowledge of wine and a strong liver. To make chief wine maker you’ll need a degree in oenology (science of wine).


Perks: All the booze, grapes and raisins you can possibly consume.


Hazards: Permanently stained teeth and feet, AA, Liver Failure, Spitters instead of Swallowers.



Art Dealer

Starting Salary: Entry level Art Dealers: $30- 40,000 per year with commissions ranging from 4 to 7.5% , Gallery owners : can make upwards of $100,000 per year.


Forecast for the Future: Bright! Although the USA now trails China which generates over 3 Billion in fine arts sale annually, we still come in a comparable, close second with 30% of global revenue with over $1.3 Billion in annual fine arts sales.


Job Description: Varies. Many art dealers specialize in a particular area of art–be it contemporary, expressionism, pop art etc. Duties include everything from following the latest trends (attending exhibitions, reading catalogs and magazines) in order to stay up on emerging artists and what’s popular and building and maintaining relationships with artists and other dealers and consumers to acquire and sell works. Knowledge of Finance and Business Management help as your gallery is a classified as a business.


Perks: Dating Wealthy Spoiled Heiresses, ( Art History Majors) Models, High Net-Worth Networking, Creative Freedom.


Hazards: Thomas Crown, The Black Market



Major Label A&R

Starting Salary: Indie Label: $25- $30,000 , Major label : $100-$150,000 Forecast for the Future: Bleak ! It’s a well known fact among serious entrepreneurs that the music industry is in dire straits. Global music sales fallen by over a whopping $1.5 Billion in the past few years. With Digital Retailers now accounting for more than 70% of all music sales, things don’t look to be improving anytime soon. Employees are seriously feeling it; long gone are the days of  expense accounts and seven figure paydays.


Job Description:  An A&R is responsible for discovering and helping to acquire new talent and acting as a go between from the Artist to the Label. An A&R monitors the recording process and will help the Artist in everything from selecting  producers and possible collaborator, to booking studio sessions while overseeing the budget allocated by the Label.


Perks: Backstage and VIP access at Concerts, Industry Soirees, and Events. One can anticipate seats so close to the stage that you can smell the bacon on Adele’s breath. You’ll also gain notoriety for the ability to help aspiring pop princesses “Further their Careers”.


Hazards: File -sharing, The rise of the Free online Album, that nerdy kid in a basement working on the next Napster/Limewire/Spotify etc.






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