Angie Sanclemente: The Female Tony Montana

New York 3/13/2012 02:14 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Angie Sanclemente, the Colombian beauty queen and TV star that somehow seamlessly orchestrated major cocaine trafficking through South America, Mexico, Europe and the United States continues to plead her innocence in a Mexican jail. The gorgeous model, known as the female Tony Montana, coordinated the movements of countless gorgeous models that trafficked several tons of cocaine across the world.


Angie Sanclemente is described by her mother as a very soft spoken and conservative young woman inspired by her goals.  The 5’3″ beauty slowly worked way up the social ladder and she soon saw herself as a member of  the  Latin American in-crowd filled with athletes, models, celebrities, moguls and drug lords. She reportedly spent eight years in Mexico before moving to Buenos Aires with her Argentinian boyfriend, Nicolas Gualco.


Blinded by her own ardor, Angie Sanclemente took an ambitious path in which the Mexican government claims she successfully trafficked several tons of product during the course of her illicit operation.



Good girl gone bad

At the age of 21, Sanclemente was crowned as Colombia’s Queen of Coffee in a pageant. During the time when her career as a lingerie model and TV star thrived it is believed she was also the ringleader of one of the world’s largest drug syndicates.


She’s a big player in the South American drug trade,” according to a senior Argentine investigator, “and that’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars–perhaps billions.”


The Innovation

Angie’s technique  was pure simplicity itself. Instead of tried and true methods like having couriers swallow condoms full of coke or stuffing the product into obviously suspect packages, she had professional beauties pack 100 pounds of the cocaine into their luggage and wear a skimpy dress through customs, where foolish minimum-wage officials would fall over themselves trying to expedite their clearance.



Starving for Attention

Even on the run with an international warrant from Interpol hanging over her head, the model-actress couldn’t resist the worldwide media attention, sending Facebook messages to the media and even granting interviews. Beautiful but reckless, Angie was like Tony Montana in stilettos. The media could not help but to flock to Angie’s story of glamor and drugs, models and crime lords, where nothing is quite what it seems.



The Downfall

Sanclemente’s fall began in December 2009 after another model, María Noel López Iglesias, was arrested while attempting to board a flight from Argentina to Cancún, Mexico, with suitcases stuffed with around 55kg (121lb) of cocaine. Iglesias’s capture triggered a series of arrests and eventually led police to the narcomodelo herself.


Police claimed Sanclemente had been responsible for recruiting young female drug mules to smuggle drugs into Europe. Sanclemente was arrested at a youth hostel in the Palermo district of Buenos Aires, where she had being staying under a false name, in May 2010.



The Sentence

The Buenos Aires court also handed down the same sentence Wednesday to Argentines Nicolas Gualco, the model’s boyfriend, and Daniel Monroy, while Venezuelan Gustavo Paez Ameses was sentenced to six years and two months behind bars for attempted drug smuggling, the officials said.


She is no drug trafficker, nor is she the queen of cocaine. There are bad intentions – a plot against her. She will prove her innocence,’ her mother Valencia told reporters





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