Presents an Affordable Solution for White-Hat Link Building

South Jordan, UT 3/19/2012 11:48 PM GMT (TransWorldNews) has announced a new premium guest blog posting service that makes link building -- typically the most difficult, time-consuming and expensive part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -- affordable for individuals, in-house SEO teams and SEO firms.

"New webmasters often experience a period of frustration soon after starting a website," says Michael Swenson, Spokesperson of "They realize that the most effective way to increase their ranking on Google and other search engines is to attract inbound links from established, related websites, but they don't know how and don’t have the time to dedicate towards it."

In desperation, some webmasters may resort to "black hat" techniques such as buying inbound links in bulk from "link building" services or using automated software to submit computer-generated comments to thousands of blogs. These frowned upon methods can result in devastating penalties from search engines, putting the webmaster in a worse position than before.

"Offering your services as a guest poster for other blogs is the best way to build new inbound links to your website. However, guest blog posting requires time for research, writing and establishing relationships with blog owners, consuming the time that you could be using to develop content for your own website or running your business." has an experienced staff of writers, making it affordable for even small organizations to outsource the link building process. Upon receiving a new order, the company's writers immediately begin crafting an engaging, authoritative article to be published on an established website that is relevant to the clients industry. has relationships with established blogs in an enormous variety of different fields, ensuring that each guest blog post is published on a blog directly relating to the topic of the customer's website. researches, writes and publishes guest posts under your name on established blogs for fees beginning at $75.00 per article and decreasing for higher-volume orders.

Visit the website, email or call (801) 901-0819 for more information.


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