Blue Canoe Products on Body Body proving Popular

Organic Cotton Basics Attract Environmentally Conscious Shoppers

Chicago 3/27/2012 10:47 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The popular workout wear collection offered by internet retailer Ranowear Inc. on featuring designs by the California based organic cotton design house Blue Canoe is finding an audience among health conscious and organically minded shoppers. Available at special low prices on Body Body only are Blue Canoe basic such as sports bras, sexy panties in different styles ranging from thongs to briefs and casual day wear including long and short sleeve tops, jackets and pants.

Blue Canoe founder, Laurie Dunlap, reports that utilizing organic cotton in the company's line of yoga and bodywear was one of the easiest business decisions she has ever made. "I have always embraced the whole concept of natural fabrics and organic materials," she said. "for activities such as yoga, Pilates and any holistic fitness activity, having clean, pure, non-toxic fabric next to your skin is crucial." Blue Canoe has manufactured yoga apparel and bodywear since 1993 and uses only organic cotton in its stylish, functional line of apparel. Dunlap said after the manufacturing process, Blue Canoe utilizes fiber reactive dye that works only on natural porous fiber and is absorbed rather than coating the fiber. According to Dunlap, it's the least toxic of dyes, takes less water, uses less energy and produces less waste. "It's definitely a conscious and deliberate choice, but one that's definitely worth it. We hear from our customers all the time and they truly appreciate our commitment to the environment," said Dunlap. "People are concerned about the environment, and about the choices they make. We all want the same thing: a healthy and secure future for our children. People are looking for alternatives to chemical-ridden clothing and we're happy to provide a great alternative."

“Blue Canoe cotton basics designed for yoga and exercise activity are a real plus for the health and environmentally conscious woman,” states Ranowear President and CEO, Willis Domingo. “They provide an excellent alternative to the spandex stretch outfits that Body Body has long been associated with.”

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