SEO Montreal Company Discusses Link-Building Services as Google Makes Major Changes.

Montreal 4/29/2012 10:23 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

With recent and announced Google updates signaling a transition away from traditional link-building practices, the SEO industry is changing rapidly. Google’s quest to provide the best search is ruffling many feathers.

SEO Montreal, an SEO marketing company located in Montreal Quebec, explains some of the changes. “Google is attempting to punish what they are referring to as ‘over-optimized sites,’” says Walid M, President and CEO of SEO Montreal. “While we don’t know yet exactly what that means, chances are good that link-building practices will be affected by it. So it’s becoming more and more important to focus not only on how many backlinks your site has, but who is linking them. This makes it even more important to have shareable content, such as blog posts on your site, in order to attract better links.”

With Google having already de-indexed blog linking services such as Build My Rank, these updates promise to reduce the amount of influence “spammed” links have on a site’s search engine ranking. This is part of a continued effort by Google to best provide for the needs of the searcher. Low-quality backlinks have historically been a means of quickly boosting a website’s authority, giving the site a better ranking in the search engines. This was due to the fact that most algorithms did not have a means of differentiating links. With the new update, it appears that Google has developed a means of reliably discerning between good and bad links.

“A lot of SEOs are up in arms,” says Walid. “Though there are some concerns as to what Google defines as ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ the basic spirit of Google is to provide links the searcher wants. SeoMontreal has always been about following the spirit of what Google wants, rather than what the algorithm lets us get away with. And it shows: None of our clients have been negatively affected by these updates.”


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