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Leading Companies in the Indian Defence Market - Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSU): India's defence public sector undertakings (DPSU) still dominate the Indian defence market and account for the vast proportion of domestic sales in the Indian defence market. Indian private firms in the Indian defence market usually conduct business in partnership with a state undertaking. However, the DPSUs have come under increasing criticism for inefficiency and a lack of dynamism, as well as lacking international competitiveness. Indigenisation, for instance, of originally Czech produced Tatra trucks is still not complete after production began in 1986, with some blaming DPSU officials with vested interests in slower progress.

India's DPSUs will still be extremely important at the end of the forecast period in 2022. As the private sector and international firms gain a bigger percentage of the Indian defence market, it is hoped that increased competition will improve efficiency of the DPSUs and ordnance factories, which are the essential component of the Indian MoDs plans to indigenise defence production.

Bharat Dynamics Limited: Bharat Dynamics Limited is a Defence Public Sector Undertaking (DPSU) formed in 1970. The company employs approximately 2m900 people. As part of expansion plans that aim to see revenues exceed 1000Rs Crore (approximately $200m), Bharat Dynamics has begun construction of a new $50m facility. Upon completion, the new manufacturing unit will produce very short range air defence missiles (VSHORAD) and employ an extra 1,000 people.

Bharat Dynamics Limited is one of the leading suppliers of missiles, torpedoes and munitions to the Indian Ministry of Defence (MOD), and supplies the following products:

- Prithvi missiles
- Konkurs- M missile
- Invar missile
- Torpedo Counter Measure System (C303)
- Counter Measures Dispensing System (CMDS)
- Infra-red Interference Indicator (IRII)
- Advanced Light weight Torpedo


Enabled by substantial economic growth and driven forward by a national policy of military renewal and development, the Indian defence market has been propelled to the forefront of the world stage in relation to global military markets. The rapid rise of Indian defence spending and capabilities reflects India's position not only within the confines of Asia, but throughout the entire world, as the shifting dynamics of geopolitical power tilt its way. Visiongain has determined that the value of the Indian defence market in 2012 amounted to $38.51bn.

Stemming from the lessons learnt through the experiences of the Kargil conflict and the Mumbai attacks, coupled with more traditional border and geopolitical regional threats emanating from both Pakistan and, increasingly, from China, have led India to establish a firm policy of military procurement which looks set to continue beyond the next decade.

India's strategy to improve its defensive capabilities is to strike a balance between twin commitments to both encourage indigenous development and attract the most advanced foreign made defence systems in the world to Indian soil. This strategy, along with India's progression towards a more privately influenced defence market means that from aircraft and submarines, to communications and unmanned vehicles, the Indian defence market offers significant opportunities for future business.

India's quest to modernise and advance its military touches all divisions and areas of Indian defence, including the Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as areas such as research and development, training, and construction. As a consequence, the market remains active for companies with concentrations across all sectors of Indian defence.

Report Scope

- Comprehensive analysis of the prospects for the Indian defence market from 2012-2022.
- Analysis and forecasting informed by extensive expert consultation with industry leaders. You will be able to read full transcripts of interviews from 3 leading experts involved with the Indian defence market.
- 89 tables, charts and graphs that quantify, analyse and forecast the changing dynamics of the Indian defence market between 2012-2022.
- Forecasts and analysis for the overall Indian defence market over 2012-2022
- Forecasts and analysis for the capital and revenue expenditure sectors of the Indian defence market from 2012-2022.
- Forecasts and analysis for 8 capital expenditure submarkets from 2012-2022.
- Analysis of the underlying issues, strategies and policies that influence and characterise the Indian defence market
- Profiles of the leading companies operating within the Indian defence market, including all 8 defence public sector undertakings (DPSU), 18 Indian private sector companies and 24 international companies alongside profiles of 37 further Indian companies and over 50 joint ventures/partnership agreements.

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