Aviation security market evolves to face new threats

London 6/23/2012 11:00 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Since the tragic events of September 11, 2001 the aviation security market has evolved to the new threats faced by re-examining existing airport security systems. More than a decade on, new legislation has been adopted, regulatory authorities established and additional equipment installed at airport facilities throughout the world to improve the aviation security market.

As demand for air travel continues to grow year on year, governments and aviation enforcement authorities face the need to adopt strict safety measures that will counter terrorist threats before they occur whilst limiting the inconvenience faced by the passenger.

Existing threats, rising passenger numbers and airport expansion projects mean that the aviation security market will reach $22.3 billion in 2012.

The prevailing economic conditions faced by North America and Europe have meant that projected sales forecasts are restrained. However the impact of these economic constraints to the overall aviation security industry will be limited in the longer term as safety and security continue to remain a priority. Upgrades to existing security features and investment in R&D will help to maintain steady growth in these markets.

Elsewhere, growth within Asian aviation security markets such as China and India is forecast by Visiongain to be significant, while in the longer term, Middle Eastern spending on aviation security is expected to increase sharply to meet the demand for new technology systems.

One airport that is investing in security measures with the purpose of cutting delays at immigration is Edinburgh. The site is installing five electronic gates for UK and other European Union travellers in order to facilitate swifter passage for those with ePassports, who will no longer be required to join queues for manual checks.

According to the Scotsman, passport queues could be cut in half by the technology, which is being installed by the airport authorities in conjunction with the UK Border Agency.

The report, titled 'The Aviation Security Market 2012-2022,' provides a comprehensive analysis of the prospects for the aviation security market from 2012-2022, along with analysis and forecasting informed by extensive expert consultation with industry leaders.

For more information on the aviation security market, see the latest research: Aviation Secuirty Market

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