Mobile broadband penetration in Fiji increases to 17% in 2012

London 7/17/2012 03:41 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

With elections for a new demographic government due in 2014, the current government has made a number of fundamental changes that aims to bring stronger growth to the country over the next couple of years. Policies encouraging e-participation through greater broadband usage are likely to bring economic benefit to the whole country as has happened in other countries around the world.

The national broadband policy aims to have 95% of the population with internet speeds of a minimum of 2MB/s by 2016. This is an exponential increase on the 1% of the population that have this speed in 2012. Other measures to use e-services across a range of sectors will also increase e-participation in the community.

But like many Pacific countries that rely on the valuable contribution that the tourism dollar brings, tourism is also seasonal depending on unexpected weather conditions and also economic conditions. Yet in 2011 overall tourism numbers increased by just under 7% to 674,000 visitors so the government aim to increase arrivals to 6 million by 2020 is still some way off. Enabling tourism through the use of information technology will certainly see some tourists further encouraged to visit.

Mobile broadband participation increased over the last two years from less than 1% penetration to more than 17% partially as a result of the decreased in tax on dongles. But usage would also increase if pricing was affordable and available. The plan to set up tele-centres across some communities will initially increase internet knowledge among users and then uptake in the longer term.

The availability of the Southern Cross submarine cable that links New Zealand, Australia and the US will see Tonga connected to this network in 2013. Working together these two countries now will have the opportunity to adopt e-polices allowing greater global trading by these nations. Fiji has implemented a number of fiscal policies to collect revenue that will be used to update and expand the infrastructure that will also enable increases in internet penetration.

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