Aventuras Dominican Republic Excursions Offers Activities at Reduced Rates

Draper 10/05/2012 06:50 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Aventuras Dominican Republic Excursions is slashing prices on its fun-filled tours. Whether guests want to swim with the dolphins, snorkel with exotic fish, take a tour via zip line, participate in a safari tour or simple just tour the island, Aventuras Dominican Excursions has the perfect tour available.

Aventuras caters to its tourists, offering Punta Cana excursions and much more. The company picks up its tourists from their hotel before the excursion begins and drops them off at the hotel after the excursion is over. Any equipment needed for the tour is also included in the price. Most tours that last for nine hours or more will include lunch for its participants. The tours are safe, the guides are trained and professional and the prices are affordable. Some tours are offered as low as $41 per person.

One of the most popular tours allows guests to swim with the dolphins. On this tour, visitors will have the opportunity to touch and interact with the dolphins. Each excursion will provide 30 minutes of dolphin activity time. Participants must be at least eight years old to enjoy the dolphins. Groups can consist of one to 12 people, and each group receives access to one dolphin. For a reduced price of $99 per person, swimming with the dolphins is truly a memorable experience.

On the trip to The Limon Cascade, visitors will experience this enchanting paradise with a myriad of colors and green flora. Each guest will be allowed to use a horse to complete the journey. During the trip, guests will find many photo opportunities. Most experts advise saving film or memory for the top of the mountain where guests will experience awe-inspiring views of the landscape and crystal blue waters. The walk down the mountain to the Limon River and Cascade is truly amazing. Many tourists stop to take a swim when in this location. This tour requires nine hours to complete and costs only $41 per person.

The Dominican Republic canopy tour is one of the most exhilarating ways to view the Dominican Republic. The guides on these tours are professionals and will ensure the safety of all of its participants. After each participant becomes familiar with the equipment, the tour will begin. The 800-meter zip line is the longest zip line in the Caribbean. The tour features 16 platforms and 12 lines. The lines stretch across The Oriental Mountain Range for almost two miles. The lush tropical forest is beneath every passenger as they ride along the zip line. Fresh fruits will be served on this tour. The tour can be purchased for the reduced rate of $78.

The Taino Secrets tour is one of the most coveted tours in the Caribbean. This tour takes visitors into the multi-cave system for exploration. Guests are picked up from the hotel in air-conditioned buses, and they travel to the cave destination. At Cueva Cayacoa, there are seven caves to explore, and a knowledgeable tour guide will explain the history of the native people who are now extinct. The experience is memorable for a lifetime. The tour requires four hours to complete and is available for a reduced rate of $45.

Most people desire activities while on vacation. This Dominican Republic travel agency makes activities affordable. With these prices, guests can engage in numerous activities at a low price. This will help guests fully enjoy their vacation without blowing the budget. When reserving a hotel and flight package, inquire about the activities packages to ensure the best price is obtained. An affordable and memorable trip to the Dominican Republic awaits.



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