Merchant Services Takes a New Light with Citadel EFT

Citadel EFT offers affordable rates and no monthly fees for merchants.

Atlanta 10/07/2012 09:03 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Credit card processing offered by Citadel EFT
For most, receiving monthly merchant service statements is a double edged sword. Merchants praise that their statement has finally arrived because they get paid. But these same merchants also regret that their statement has arrived because of all the money lost to inexplicable fees and rates.

Merchants who process with Citadel EFT, however, don't face this dilemma. Citadel EFT has clear, affordable rates from the start. There are no monthly statement fees, no AVS fees and no monthly required minimums. These merchants can even sign up for available next day funding.

Merchants do not need to sign an annual contract to sign up for credit card processing. This means they also do not face an annual fee, nor do they face a termination fee if they need to stop their merchant services account. Credit card processing with Citadel EFT is hassle free service for merchants.

The transparent fee and service schedule offered by Citadel EFT attracts businesses across the spectrum. Citadel EFT's customers range from small business mom & pop shops to large corporations and everything in between. Citadel EFT has been serving affordable credit card services to proud customers since 1993.


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