The Boeing Company - Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS) Framework Analysis/ Quantitative SWOT Analysis & Strategic Outlook for 2013 - new company profile report

London 10/20/2012 09:48 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

This strategic report provides key insights into the strategic business aspects of The Boeing Company through a quantitative SWOT analysis based on the Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS) framework incorporating a holistic assessment as well as comprehensive analysis of business structure, performance, strategies, plans, initiatives & outlook against the backdrop of an evolving industry landscape & shifting global dynamics.

About Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS) Framework

Strategic Factor Analysis Summary(SFAS) matrix, also referred to as Quantitative SWOT Analysis, is a framework developed by T. L. Wheelen and J. D. Hunger, which is used widely across organizations globally as a key strategic planning tool. The framework trifurcates an organization's operating environment into Societal, Task & Internal environment respectively with the societal & task environments together constituting the firm's external environment:

--Societal Environment: Refers to Generic Macroeconomic forces & factors at play
--Task Environment: Comprises of industry environment that includes customers, suppliers, competitors etc.
--Internal Environment: Refers to the firm's internal structure, resources, capabilities & functioning that form the basis of firm's strengths & weaknesses.

The framework, thus, outlines, summarizes & generates an insightful snapshot of key strategic factors of an organization based on a comprehensive external environmental assessment to identify potential opportunities & pertinent threats based on an External Factor Analysis Summary (EFAS) matrix along-with a detailed analysis of organization's internal environment to identify core strengths & strategic weaknesses through an Internal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS) matrix. The framework finally reviews the firm's potential strategic options.

The framework generates a snapshot of the prevailing, overall strategic equation for an organization at a given point in time by identifying, weighing, prioritizing & ranking strategic factors in the internal & external environment based on their significance & potential degree of impact along-with the organization's corresponding response to the factors.

The framework, thus, scores over the traditional SWOT analysis framework in terms of its ability to quantify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats respectively based on the potential degree of effect of each strategic factor being analyzed and the organization's commensurate degree of responsiveness to that thereby making it much more effective from the perspective of strategic planning and from a competitive assessment & analysis standpoint.

Relevance & Usefulness of the Report:

The report provides insights & inputs to be incorporated into the broader strategic planning & decision making processes and will be essential from a competitive analysis standpoint as well.

The report will be useful for:

-- Identification of key strategic factors for the company classified & categorized under Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats -- Assessment of the potential degree of impact of Strategic Factors on the company.
-- Assessment & evaluation of the company's degree of responsiveness as well as Strategic Orientation towards the External Environmental factors.
-- Competitive Assessment as well as Comprehensive Strategic Business Analysis
-- Gaining access to Key Inputs to be incorporated into the Strategic Planning & Decision-Making Process
-- Identifying & highlighting areas for making potential Strategic Changes, Adjustments & Realignment
-- Gaining a Strategic Perspective on the Business & Strategic Outlook for 2013
-- Gaining access to Key Industry Trends, Issues & Challenges, Risk Factors & Industry Outlook
-- Analysis of Forces Driving as well as restraining the Industry & their overall Dynamics

For Whom:

The analysis will be essential for those having strategic interest in the company or the industry & will be especially useful for key decision makers, top management of companies, suppliers, vendors, current & potential investors, industry & company analysts & those associated with the industry or the company.


The report is comprehensive yet concise & compact at the same time; built on the Microsoft PowerPoint platform; thus, rendering it custom-built for meetings & presentations while enabling & ensuring prompt and informed decision making as a ready self-reckoner.

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