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Margo Morris, Executive Director of the non-profit charitable organization Sprout Creek Farm discusses the functions of the organization with host Doug Llewelyn

Poughkeepsie 11/08/2012 04:20 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

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Sprout Creek Farm


Sprout Creek Farm

34 Lauer Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603


Contact: Margo Morris – Executive Director

Tel: (845) 485-8438

Email: info@sproutcreekfarm.org

Show Dates:

                    Saturday November 10th, 17th, and 24th at 12pm EST

                                 Friday November 30th at 12pm EST


For Immediate Release

October 18, 2012

Contact: Close-Up Talk Radio



                   Close-Up Talk Radio Spotlights Sprout Creek Farm

Poughkeepsie, NY – In today’s fast paced society, it’s easy to take life for granted. It’s even easier to overlook the importance of individual responsibility. Nestled in the Hudson Valley of Upstate, New York is the multi-functional Sprout Creek Farm. This just might be the answer to recapturing all that you may have lost. 

A truly unique and independent not-for-profit charitable organization (501c3), Sprout Creek Farm is a fully operational working farm, a retail market, an educational center, a summer camp, a peaceful sanctuary, and a vacation destination.  

Since 1982, Sprout Creek Farm developed and relocated from the original Farm Project, has been the location of quite a magical atmosphere.

Here, adults and children, work and learn together to maintain a self-sufficient unit. To this day, there isn’t even maintenance staff on the premise, which is spread out over 200 acres. All of the responsibility lies on everyone at the farm.

Margo Morris, Executive Director of Sprout Creek Farm exclaims, “we’re hardwired to know what we need in life. We’ve just gotten so far away from the basic understanding and appreciation of life. In terms of education and responsibility, we’re jamming information down children’s throats. There’s too little real experience and purpose for what they’re learning other than to propel them to the next grade, or the next short-term goal.”

In regard to using a farm as an educational tool Margo says, “The idea was, let’s set up the environment and see what it does. The results were incredible. It gave everyone that was of a part of this a necessary sense of duty, a sense of responsibility, and fulfillment in their lives.  Most surprising was that it lasted years beyond the moment.”

On this working farm, you’ll see free-range cows, chickens, turkeys, sheep, and pigs to name a few. The retail market inside Sprout Creek Farm offers its own eggs, meats, and award-winning cheeses hand-crafted right on the farm. Let’s not forget the other local farm-produced jams, honeys, meats, soaps and much more that are available at the market year round. With over 15 different kinds of cheese, Sprout Creek Farm was honored with two recent awards from the American Cheese Society and their cheese is nationally distributed.

Whether it’s working in the market or on the farm, it’s all a learning experience. In addition to its educational programs, Sprout Creek Farm opens its doors for daily visits, a Cottage getaway for all those in need of an escape from the everyday rat race. The staff will even invite you into the barns to witness the birth of a calf or kid. It’s a chance to return to all things beautiful and simple. The center of it is always the learning experience provided by Sprout Creek Farm.  “Education is the hub and all we do comes from that hub and impacts that hub,” emphasizes Margo. 

Margo Morris of Sprout Creek Farm will be featured on Close-Up Talk Radio in a four-part interview with host Doug Llewelyn at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/closeuptalkradio beginning on Saturday November 10th, 17th, 24th, and wrapping up on Friday November 30th. All of the shows will air at 12pm EST on their respective dates. Listeners can dial-in at 347-996-3389.

For more information about Sprout Creek Farm contact Margo Morris at info@sproutcreekfarm.org, call 845-485-8438, and visit www.sproutcreekfarm.org.



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