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Huntington 11/21/2012 02:53 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Taglich Brothers, Inc. has joined LinkMyStock.com. Now Stock Brokers, Brokerage Firms and Investors/Shareholders from around the world who follow Taglich Brothers, Inc. can link directly to Taglich Brothers, Inc. Link My Stock Hub. Brokers and Brokerage Firms that link to Taglich Brothers, Inc. typically are familiar with the company and can facilitate transactions in Taglich Brothers, Inc. security. Investors linking to Taglich Brothers, Inc. usually are either existing shareholders looking to stay informed when Taglich Brothers, Inc. posts new information or people that are simply interested in Taglich Brothers, Inc. that are not yet or may never become shareholders.

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About Taglich Brothers, Inc.

Founded in 1991, Taglich Brothers, Inc. is a full service brokerage firm specializing in the microcap segment of the market for publicly traded securities. We define the microcap market as companies with less than $250 million of stock outstanding. The firm has selected this unique niche for two reasons. First and foremost, the small cap market has historically outperformed the large cap market over the past 75 years. Second, this area of the market is virtually ignored by the larger institutions and other Wall Street firms because they can not invest enough capital in each situation to justify the expense of investigating these companies. Our focus and high energy level allow us to exploit these inefficiencies, giving us the added advantage needed to prosper in the microcap market.


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