Shale gas contributed to nearly 17% of total gas production in the US in 2010

London 11/22/2012 01:07 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Shale gas is natural gas produced from shale. Shale gas has become an increasingly important source of natural gas in the United States over the past decade, and interest has spread to potential gas shale basins in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Although shale gas has been produced for more than 100 years in the Appalachian Basin and the Illinois Basin of the United States, the wells were often marginally economical.

Higher natural gas prices in recent years and advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal completions type of technology have made shale gas wells more profitable. Shale gas tends to cost more to produce than gas from conventional wells, because of the expense of massive hydraulic fracturing treatments required to produce shale gas. However, this is often offset by the low risk of shale gas wells. Shale gas contributes to nearly 17% of the total gas production in USA as of 2010.

Report Scope

This report segments the market by geography and technology used. The report analyses in-depth of market dynamics like growth drivers, constraints and opportunities. Detailed study on present and future potential capacity of shale gas from various regions is given. Key players present now and new entrants are profiled with their strategy and financial information. As the industry is bound to be regulated by various forces, separate section about country specific regulations also present in the report.The report also investigates ethane and ethylene production possibility from shale gas basins by 2020, potential cost advantage of US ethylene producers in future and also potential capacity comparison of USA to middle east and european ethylene producers.

Click for Report details:Global Shale Gas Market by Technology, Geography, Applications, Regulations, Ethylene Production, Market Trends & Forecasts (2011 – 2021)


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