Global Renewable Chemicals Market (2009 - 2014) - new market research report

London 11/25/2012 05:16 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The global renewable chemicals market is estimated to reach US$ 59 billion in 2014 from about US$ 45 billion in 2009. The driving behind the growth of the renewable chemicals market is the low requirement of capital for both production as well as feedstock. Moreover, consumer demand for ‘green' products has also been driving the market for renewable chemicals, along with governmental support to the industry for reducing dependence on finite non-renewable petroleum feedstock as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The growth of industrial biotechnology has also contributed to the growth of the overall renewable chemicals market due to their innovations in biocatalysis for manufacturing renewable chemicals. Apart from their industrial applications, renewable chemicals are also used in pharmaceutical and consumer products. In light of all these factors, the renewable chemicals industry is expected to weather the recent economic recession.

Foreseeing the rising importance of renewable chemicals, major players in the chemicals industry such as Dow and BASF have already begun focusing on this market. Though the alcohols segment holds the largest share in the overall renewable chemicals market, the polymers segment is expected to gain the maximum growth rate for the next five years. Bio-polymers are expected to command a significant share in the overall polymers market mostly due to their applications in the manufacture of biodegradable and compostable plastics and consumer goods such as cell phones and laptops. Platform chemicals also play an important role in the renewable chemicals market since their multiple functional groups can be converted to families of other highly useful chemicals.

Market estimates and forecast

The report provides in-depth market estimates and forecast for global renewable chemicals market as follows:

Products: Alcohols, organic chemicals, ketones, polymers, and other markets.

Application: Industrial, transportation, textiles, food safety, environment, communication, housing, recreation, health and hygiene, and other applications.

Catalysis: Biocatalysis and chemical catalysis

Technology: Thermo-chemical conversion, fermentation and bioconversion, product separation and bioconversion, enzymatic hydrolysis, gasification-fermentation, acid hydrolysis, biochemical-thermochemical, biochem-organisolve, fischer-tropsch diesel, reductive transformation, dehydrative transformation, and other technologies.

Platform Chemicals: 1, 4-diacids, 2, 5-furan dicarboxylic acid, 3-hydroxypropionic acid, aspartic acid, glucaric acid, glutamic acid, itaconic acid, levulinic acid, glycerol, and other chemicals.

Bio feedstock: Starch, cellulose, lignin and oil/fats/protein.

Source: Plant biomass, animal biomass, and marine biomass.

Each section will provide market data, market drivers, trends and opportunities, top-selling products, key players, and competitive outlook. This report will also provide more than 100 market tables for various geographic regions covering the sub-segments and micro-markets. In addition, the report also provides 50 company profiles for each of its sub-segments.

What makes our reports unique?

• We provide the longest market segmentation chain in this industry- not many reports provide market breakdown upto level 5.
• Each report is about 250 pages with 100+ market data tables, 40 competitive company profiles, minimum 50 micro markets analysed which are collectively exhaustive and mutually exclusive, 300 patents analyzed,
• No single report by any other publisher provides market data for all the segments viz products, services, applications, ingredients, technology, stakeholders in a single report for all the four geographies together- US, Europe, APAC, ROW.
• We provide 10% customization- normally it is researched that clients do not specific market intelligence what they are looking for. Our customization will ensure that you necessarily get the market intelligence you are looking for and we get a loyal customer.
• 15 pages of high level analysis including benchmarking strategies, best practices and the market's cash cows (BCG matrix). We conduct detailed market positioning, product positioning and competitive positioning. Entry strategies, gaps and opportunities are identified for all the stakeholders.
• Comprehensive market analysis for biomass processing companies, chemical producers, bioenergy generating companies, biochemical technology consulting companies, R&D laboratories and government organizations for biomass conversion.

Key questions answered

• Which are the high growth segments/cash cows; how is the market segmented in terms of applications, products, services, ingredients, technologies, stakeholders.
• What are market estimates and forecast; which are markets are doing well and which are not?
• Where are the gaps and opportunities; what is driving the market;
• Which are the key playing fields? Which are the winning edge imperatives?
• How is the competitive outlook; who are the main players in each of the segments; what are the key selling products; what are their strategic directives, operational strength and product pipelines? Who is doing what?


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