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 Close-Up Talk Radio Spotlights Richard Pounder of Wellthy You

Morristown, NJ With an alarming increase of diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease, and other serious illness, it has been the accepted approach for a vast majority of society to turn to medication to treat the aforementioned issues facing the world today. It’s common knowledge that a major reason for pharmaceutical dependency is the simple fact that there is real money in treating the symptoms, much less in attacking the cause. What if the problems originate from our diets, or lack their of?

Richard Pounder and the groundbreaking staff at Wellthy You strive to enrich people’s lives and diets through enhancing wellness of every individual they see. At Wellthy You, individuals can learn ways to maintain good health and overcome illnesses, not with prescription medicines, but through altering their diets, habits, and overall wellness.

“The idea behind Wellthy You is to serve as a complement to traditional medicines for doctors to help their patients. Many doctors, not trained extensively in nutrition and the possibilities of supplementation, are glad to have another tool to bring to the battle for health. It’s a constant flow of information among everyone involved. The process starts with wellness evaluations and covers a wide range of issues including metabolic functions, weight issues, bone density issues, autoimmune disease, to general lack of overall energy and wellness,” explains Pounder.

“The basic fact is that unless the country concentrates on wellness and stops treating problems after they become serious, the system is going to collapse. There are too many people walking around today with preventable problems.”

Since 2010, Wellthy You has provided people with healthy solutions to overcoming a wide variety of issues from serious illnesses, hormonal balance, weight problems, bone density, metabolic functions, to overall lack of energy.

According to Wellthy You nutritional expert, Dr. George McAuliffe, “a reasonably recent conclusion by biochemists is that many of the most common autoimmune diseases, conditions, and cancers depend on systemic inflammation. Inflammation is brought on by stress, poor diet, overmedication, lack of sleep, environmental toxicity, and beyond. If you can keep inflammation from occurring, you can prevent the majority of future problems the body will face. This is something that the traditional medical community hasn’t really come around to looking at yet, so it’s been left to the nutritional world. It’s a tremendous contribution we can make.”

Through wealth assessments that combine blood work analyzed through a nutritional point of view with personal health questionnaires, Wellthy You is able to understand and recommend what actions need to be taken by their patients through nutritional enhancement and proper diet. Most importantly, the assessments enable Wellthy You to identify the root causes of many issues in patients.

“Traditional medicine is strongly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. Traditional doctors don’t get paid to prevent problems. They’re paid by fixing problems after they exist. Unfortunately, most preventative methods are not covered by insurance at the present time. However in recent years, more people have come to realize that basically what they’re paying insurance on and doctors for often results in them continuing to be sick, whereas we offer a positive way of preventing them from suffering many illnesses.”

One of the many helpful services of Wellthy You is their weight management program. The basic notion is to educate people as to all the places sugar hides. Sugar intake is a serious problem in the United States. Currently, people are consuming three times the suggested amount of sugar for a recommended healthy diet. Wellthy You also offers a detoxification program to help cleanse the vital organs.

The foods we eat, the stress we take on, and daily habits we acquire all need to be reevaluated. Wellthy You and the growing number of wellness centers across the globe can prove to be the future to improving the health of the world that we know. It’s clear that we need to reassess our dependencies on medicating the problems and focus more on how to prevent the problems.

Richard Pounder, founder of Wellthy You, and Dr. George McAuliffe, a Board Certfied Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition, will be featured in a two-part series with hosts Doug Llewelyn and Jim Masters on Close-Up Talk Radio at The features will air live on Tuesday January 3rd at 12pm EST and Tuesday January 10th at 730pm. Listeners can dial-in at 347-996-3389.

For more information about the extremely beneficial programs Wellthy You offers visit, call 973-889-8970, or email

Wellthy You

111 Madison Ave.  Suite 311

Morristown, NJ 07960

Contact: Richard Pounder

Tel: 973-889-8970



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