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Powhatan 1/03/2013 11:53 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Powhatan, VA We likely will all encounter at some point in our lives situations we thought could never happen to us. Seemingly from the moment she was conceived, Many Ann Worsham’s life has been fraught with tragedy and misfortune, any one of which could have ruined her permanently. Today, Worsham is the author of Scars of Silence, a memoir of her experiences and a testament to her survival.

“The strangest situations you can imagine all seem to happen to me,” says Worsham. Indeed, Scars of Silence is a guide for just what to do when “that can’t happen to me,” really does happen to you.

In 1996, Worsham was the victim of a horrific crime. While an intern studying to become a funeral director, her boss decided he wanted more than just a working relationship. Trapped between a hostile work environment and a hostile marriage, Worsham confessed her troubles at work to her husband. He responded by leaving her. A week before the custody hearing that would decide the fate of their children, her husband entered her house, while Worsham was sleeping and proceeded to bludgeon and stab Worsham until he was convinced she was dead: 20 skull fractures and ten stab wounds.

“I nearly died. My neurosurgeon considers me his miracle patient,” recalls Worsham. “After I got out of the hospital, I had absolutely nothing, but I still had the desire to help people. That’s why I wrote this book. Who better to help people than someone who’s been through my experiences?”

Stirred by her experience, Worsham started a taskforce that was instrumental in changing the laws governing restraining orders. In the four counties surrounding Richmond, VA., the threat of violence is now treated with equal severity and restraining orders can be obtained on those grounds.

Scars of Silence covers an array of topics and subjects ranging from adoption to frauds and even how to plan a funeral: what Worsham describes as “the potholes on the road of life.” It’s essential to know how to best to respond when suddenly faced by one of life’s unexpected hardships.

“I don’t feel like a victim,” says Worsham. “I believe God brings me these things to add to my book to help more people.”

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