Close-Up Talk Radio Spotlights Author Janet Smith

Port St. Lucie 4/17/2013 01:59 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Port St. Lucie – Janet Smith has always been a passionate storyteller. The idea to put her stories to paper came as Janet searched for more material to share with the children at the Bible School of her local church Faith Baptist Church.

All three of Janet’s releases to date involve concepts about God, faith, religion, salvation, and inspiration, which are meant for people of all ages and are available at

Janet’s debut Squeeze My Hand, released in 2008, is a story of faith and inspiration through the tested strength and will that is endured by two boys, one of whom suffers a life-threatening accident. The relationships of the different people involved in the boys’ lives are a gripping tale of how everyone can have a relationship with God. It is a story of triumph in finding and trusting in God.

In 2009, Janet released her second work, Colandra’s World: Caress The Sun – Embrace The Thunder. Through Colandra’s life, God’s work is revealed. It’s another story that focuses on salvation and faith.

Colandra’s World: Her Journey Continued (2011) is the second part of the wonderful story that Janet has created. Throughout her works, Janet has tied in her love for the game of baseball. This love even led to correspondence and working with former professional baseball player Gary Carter who passed away last year.

“I like to write about how everyone is born with a gift. People need to realize their gift and how they can share it with others. It’s a great feeling to have parents and children appreciate my work,” exclaims Smith.

Currently Janet is working on a play called The Dictionary, which is in discussion with several producers and directors. Janet is also a member of the Treasure Coast Writer's Guild, Pen's Women's National Association of America, and the National Association of Professional Women.

Janet Smith will be featured in a two-part series on Close-Up Talk Radio with hosts Jim Masters and Doug Llewleyn on April 19th and April 26th. Both shows will air live at 11am EST at Listeners are encouraged to dial-in at 347--996-3389.

For more information about Janet Smith call 772-336-4878 or email To purchase all of Janet’s fascinating work, visit or send $10.00 check per book for autographed copy to Janet Smith P.O. Box 880324 Port St Lucie, FL 34988.


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