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Bethlehem 8/24/2013 05:50 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

CEO Bill Kirk on BetterShow talking Spring 2013

Weather Trends International, the company that was ranked #5 on the Forbes Top 200 list in 2009 has been constantly refining and improving the technology and algorithms they use to predict long range weather forecasts. While this used to only be available commercially, Weather Trends International has created a very quick and easy way for anyone to have access to better weather predictions. believes in the importance of being able to see the weather anywhere in the world and at any time of the year. Weddings, vacations, outdoor parties, etc, all go better when the sun is shining  and there is no rain, sleet or snow. Before WeatherTrends360 came into the picture it was very difficult to accurately predict the weather so far in advance. However, now everyone has the opportunity to check the weather months in advance with Year Ahead Weather Forecasting.

There is no company in this business more trustworthy than WeatherTrends360. For years the team of scientists employed by have been studying weather and refining the technology and algorithms used to predict the weather almost a year in advance. This team of scientists, meteorologists, and mathematicians have spent much of their professional lives studying weather patterns.

However, the success that WeatherTrends360 enjoys is nothing new. In fact, the technology used by has been tried and proven over the past 8 years with leading retailers, businesses and even countries.


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