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Bethlehem 9/10/2013 05:55 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The Better Show Weather Planner is powered by Weather Trends International, the long time leader in long range weather forecasting and #5 on Forbes’ Top 200 list for 2009. Weather Trends International is comprised of a highly experienced team of meteorologists, scientists and mathematicians who have spent a large majority of their professional lives studying the weather.’s team is constantly improving on their unique ability to make very detailed and accurate year ahead weather forecasts. They employ trade secret algorithms that are being constantly refined so that they are more accurate. Thanks to their hard work and dedications, is able to provide insights into future weather using the proprietary technology and data that they carefully evaluate.

This technology came from founder, Bill Kirk, whose research during the first Gulf War started the whole journey. He saw very quickly the severe effects that unpredictable weather can have. While not the life or death situations that he encountered, unpredictable weather can ruin everyone’s day and therefore must be dealt with.

This is why began, and in the words of founder Bill Kirk, “It's a true honor to win such a prestigious award which validates the contagious passion our employees have for our collective success in support of our very loyal customers. Year-ahead business-weather forecasting across the globe is no easy task and to be singled out from the 366 weather companies in the U.S. is a testament to just how special our technology is.”


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