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Bethlehem 10/07/2013 07:15 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Weather Trends 2013 Business Outlook

At, our most important priority is making sure that our members have accurate and detailed weather predictions up to 11 months in advance with Year Ahead Weather Forecast technology. This allows you to plan for big events months ahead without worrying about the weather “not cooperating.” Backed by, you will be able to confidently prepare for any event, anywhere.

This is because is powered by Weather Trends International, not only the current leader in long range weather forecasting, but also the #5 ranked business in the 2009 edition of Forbes’ Top 200 list. Weather Trends International, and therefore, is comprised of a team of veteran meteorologists, scientists and mathematicians who have studied weather patterns their whole professional lives.

They use proprietary technology and algorithms that have been developed over a two decade time span and continued to refine it so that it gets more accurate and more detailed. The technology and formulas that employs have been tried and tested with leading retailers, businesses and even countries over the past 8 years. It has proven reliable time and time again and only gets better the more they work on it.

There are a great number of things to deal with when planning an event so far ahead. The last thing you should have to worry about is the weather. Take the weather out of the equation by already having the event planned on a day where weather is not an issue and enjoy reliable weather predictions by joining


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