The Most Trusted Source for Long Range Weather Forecasts

Bethlehem 12/20/2013 07:45 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Weather Trends 2013 Business Outlook is one of the most trusted sources for accurate year ahead weather predictions. It is powered by Weather Trends International, the leader in long range weather forecasts and the business ranked 5th by Forbes on their Top 200 list in 2009. Since then our team of experienced meteorologists, scientists and mathematicians constantly refine and update the technology and trade secret algorithms that make what it is, the best tool to use when planning a distant event.

“I've used Weather Trends' forecasts for many years to plan garden tours, home tours and many other outdoor events here in Easton, PA. All I can say is their forecasts are amazing,” says Megan McBride, Market Manager for the Easton Farmer’s Market.

The team believes in being able to see weatehr almost a year in advance to plan for events like the ones above exactly because it is one of the most trusted sources for accurate weather predictions. Now that you have the ability to see weather almost a year in advance, you have more time to plan for the days that matter the most to you, like a wedding. Simply look up the date and adjust your special day to take advantage of what the weather can bring.

Rather than wait and hope, can help you plan the perfect day. Our team of veteran meteorologists, scientists and mathematicians are always updating our technology and algorithms to make more accurate weather predictions and better serve your needs.


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