Year Ahead Forecasts You Can Trust

Bethlehem 1/05/2014 07:50 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Weather Trends 2013 Business Outlook is powered by the leader in long range weather forecasts, Weather Trends International. They have the most detailed forecasts in the industry by day, for temperature and sky conditions a year ahead for over 720,000 locations, 195 countries and even 42,000 specific zip codes in the U.S. Also, year ahead forecasts has been tried, tested and proven with leading retailers, manufacturers, financial analysts and agricultural firms since 2002.

During the past 11 years, our team of veteran meteorologists, scientists and mathematicians have been working to refine and improve’s technology and accuracy. These men have spent their professional lives studying the weather and what it does. They believe in the importance of predicting the weather months in advance so people can make plans and adjustments. Year ahead weather predictions are important for events because it allows you to better plan for those special days when the weather just has to cooperate.

Weather Trends International has been providing long range weather predictions to members all over the globe for the last 11 years. In that time our trade secret algorithms and proprietary technology has been updated and refined and improved upon countless times making more accurate and more trustworthy.

We use a statistical/math based proprietary trade secret forecasting model built on a 100+ years of weather history along with dozens of local weather parameters to assess future weather trends. New forecasts are issued by Weather Trends International everyday so you are always 360 days ahead of the weather.


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