, The New and Simple Tool that Allows Everyone to Access Weather Forecast Information Up to 360 Days in Advance

Bethlehem 1/20/2014 07:55 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

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From Weather Trends International, the current leader in long range weather forecasts, has developed Their forecasts are the industry’s most detailed predictions by day for temperature and sky conditions a year ahead for over 720,000 locations including 195 countries, islands and territories as well as 42,000 zip codes in the U.S. uses statistical/math based proprietary trade secret forecasting model that was built on a 100+ years of weather history. This allows us to give members insight on future weather trends up to 360 days. While it is still impossible to make year ahead predictions on things like where a tornado will hit or exactly when and where a hurricane will make landfall, our technology makes predicting larger scale weather patterns more accurate. Also, our team of veteran meteorologists, scientists and mathematicians all work together to constantly refine and improve our trade secret algorithms and models is powered by Weather Trends International, the leader in long range weather forecasts and the company that was ranked #5 in Forbes’ Top 200 list in 2009. We have been providing long range weather predictions to members worldwide since 2002 and our highly reliable and proprietary technology has been tried, tested and proven for the past 11 years with leading retailers, businesses and even countries.

We know how important it is to be able to predict the weather months in advance to plan for the days that matter the most to you. It is already difficult to plan open houses, weddings, vacations and other outdoor events without the weather not cooperating. Become a member of and finally start to take advantage of year ahead weather forecasts to see what the weather will bring.


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