Making Long Range Weather Forecasts More Accurate

Bethlehem 2/05/2014 07:00 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

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Weather Trends International knows that it is very important that weather forecasts that are months in advance are as accurate as possible and that weather as a variable is taken control of, enter We understand that planning events like weddings, garden parties, festivals or even business related ventures like open houses and construction work is hard enough as it is without factoring in the weather, so our team of meteorologists, scientists and mathematicians continuously improve upon our trade secret algorithms and solely-owned technology to make our year ahead weather forecasts more accurate. is a trustworthy and reliable tool because Weather Trends International is a trustworthy and reliable business. They are still the leader in long range weather forecasts and were ranked 5th out of 200 on the Forbes Top 200 list in 2009. Their team of meteorologists, scientists and mathematicians have all spent a majority of their professional lives studying weather patterns and have developed, and continuously improve upon, the statistical/math based forecasting model built on a 100+ years of weather history and dozens of local weather parameters to assess future weather trends.

For the past 11 years our service has been helping leading retailers, businesses and even countries plan for large, important events months in advance. During this time, our team of meteorologists, who have been studying weather patterns and climate continue to improve upon the technology and formulas and meticulously analyze the data. The data comes from trillions of weather metrics analyzed by several million lines of computer code on dozens of very fast cloud based computers to generate the forecast.

This information we look at includes over 100 years of weather history by day and by location all over the world from governments, universities and 3rd party suppliers combined with dozens of local weather parameters which includes elevation, proximity to lakes, mountains and cities. Plug this data into the Gaussian Theory, weather cycles, solar activity and climate indices to better assess the likely future weather trends and year ahead weather predictions.


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