The Dreaming Redhead's iCall4Help Safety App is Selected Among the Best Mobile Apps of 2013

iCall4Help safety app is an advanced messenger that can automatically get users help globally via call, text, voice, email and Facebook.

Santa Barbara 6/20/2013 03:02 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)


iCall4Help safety app is designed for emergencies, disasters, accidents, medical incidents and many other situations when help is needed but when the ability to communicate is limited. The app is capable of sending out a mass notification to unlimited number of people anywhere, which can be a real life saver in an emergency. The app can work instantly with only one touch of a button or work automatically if the user is not OK and is unable to call.

The app is a stellar messenger and was selected to be among the best mobile apps of 2013. What sets it apart is the ability to send out an unlimited number of messages to any number of people internationally. The app uses 5 most common communication methods: direct dialing, voice messaging, SMS, emails and Facebook posts. The most differentiating function of the app, however, is not its one-touch feature but that the app can work automatically. So if the user is unable to call, the app ensures that a call for help will be placed on the users’ behalf automatically. Staying connected with the family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and emergency responders is made easy with iCall4Help.

Basically, the app is like a personal body guard, its always there, watching over, making sure the person is connected and protected. When there are fears of personal safety iCall4Help’s continual service provides constant security, peace of mind and freedom to live with confidence.

How does the app actually work? When activated manually the app sends out notifications simultaneously to all of the pre-selected contacts and it does so instantly. So let’s say John Doe felt unusually weak and is experiencing chest pain. In the moment John’s ability to move is incapacitated. The most helpful thing John can do is tap on the iCall4Help button to activate an emergency alert. This can connect him to 9-1-1 paramedics while at the same time sending out multiple voice, text and email messages to the designated contacts.

Alternatively, the app can be set up to work automatically. In this case, the app functions like a scheduled alarm that checks in with the user by asking “Are You OK?” and only sends out the alerts in case the user doesn’t respond. For example, let’s say Jane Doe climbs up to change a burned out light bulb. She sets up an alarm that, if not turned off in 5 minutes, will call for help on her behalf. If Jane successfully completes her task she would simply turn off the alarm. If, however, she falls and is unconscious or unable to reach for the phone, the iCall4Help automatically will send out the alerts to get help.

The iCall4Help app also makes it easy to find the person in distress. It utilizes the GPS technology to share the most recent map location so the user can be found. This also works great for persons with injuries or medical conditions or who are prone to falls, accidents and adverse medical complications or prescription side effects.

The app is easy to use and is customizable for different individual needs. The service is affordable for everyone, regardless of the age group or life style. It is most useful for getting help in an emergency because of its ability to reach people by calling, sending voice, text and email messages all at the same time.

The iCall4Help service provides independence and gives peace of mind for loved ones. It sets up in minutes and is easy to use. It gets help quickly when needed. There are no monthly fees or contracts, no installation of equipment is necessary and there are no wearable devices, bracelet or necklaces required.


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