Revolutionary Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting Product, Polydress Solawrap, Will Be Center of Attention at OFA Tradeshow In July 2013

Learn How Polydress Solawrap is quickly becoming the industry standard in Greenhouse Roofing

San Diego 6/24/2013 11:39 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

(San Diego, California) July 14th, 2013 - Leading Industrial plastic sheeting company, Global Plastic Sheeting, will be showcasing one of the hottest products in any market right now, Polydress Solawrap, at the 2013 OFA Convention in Columbus, Ohio. Polydress Solawrap has taken the greenhouse and floriture industry by storm these last six months and has new sizing and further improvements to the film to demonstrate.

Global Plastic Sheeting is a industrial supplier of heavy duty plastic sheeting products including crawlspace vapor barriers, greenhouse films, aquaponics films, fire retardant films, high density polyethylene, and low density polythylenes. They offer high quality solutions to industries including aerospace, aquaponics, automotive, FEMA, halloween, movie set, marine, and construction.

At the 2013 OFA convention in Columbus, Ohio, Global Plastic Sheeting will be demonstrating exactly why Polydress Solawrap is the hottest industrial plastic sheeting product in any market today.

Head of the Polydress Solawrap division at Global Plastic Sheeting, Ken Aguilar, has organized several greenhouse roofing projects in parts of Mexico and in the states in order to provide and showcase to vendors just how incredible this new film is. Mr. Aguilar explains, “I could not believe that such an amazing film exists. Mama said, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,  THIS IS THE EXCEPTION TO THE RULE”

The OFA is the leading convention and largest horticulture trade show in North America today and boasts the industry’s best products, brightest engineers, and most educational programs of today’s age.

About Global Plastic Sheeting

Global Plastic Sheeting has built a reputation around providing revolutionary industrial products within the plastic sheeting industry. With industry specific solutions and upgraded products they consistently deliver exceptional value to retailers worldwide. Their newest product, Polydress Solawrap, has greenhouse industry experts ecstatic that a high quality greenhouse solution is finally available.


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