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Anti-Bullying Advocate Regina Davis Recognized by Close-Up Talk Radio

Virginia Beach 12/04/2013 02:29 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Anti Bullying

Virginia Beach, VA –According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, nearly half of all children will experience bullying at some point while attending primary or secondary school. Bullying can include everything from making threats and spreading rumors to attacking someone physically or excluding someone from a group on purpose. These experiences can eventually lead a child to exhibit low self-esteem.

Author and former elementary school teacher Regina Davis believes every school should be a “No Bully Zone.” Davis is the co-author of the Senor Smarty Pantaloons children’s books, a sci-fi/fantasy series designed to teach kids just how hurtful and demeaning bullying is.

“We believe bullying must be nipped in the bud.” says Davis. “We decided to write these books because we are caring and sensitive teachers. We want children to enjoy going to school without the fear of bullying.”

In May of 2013, Davis, along with her collaborator and illustrator Carolyn Royer Spencer, published the second and third books in the series, Lord Computesalot, Ruler of Aurora Bullyalis and His Secret Quest to End Bullying and its corresponding activity book, Lord Computesalot's Quintessential Quest to Banish Bullies.

Led by Señor Smarty Pantaloons, a robotic computer, the characters encourage children to learn more about how to end bullying. The creative workbook’s various activities, including poetry, puzzles, songs and games, are designed to teach children about bullying in a creative way.

“We want to teach the children from the start at the elementary level,” says Davis. “We want them to have the proper skills to protect themselves from bullies. All elementary schools, we feel, need a Banish Bullying program taught in the school.”

The books serve as a resource for teachers, parents, guidance counselors and children to discuss the importance of not being bullied but also not bullying others.

“If a child exhibits any signs of being a bully at all, it needs to be stopped as soon as possible,” says Davis. “That’s why these books are so important. Parents need to teach their children at an early age to be kind to other people.”



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