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Colombia 1/31/2014 04:04 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Steve Lobel with His New Diamond Joe Rodeo Watch
For nearly a decade has been a leader in iced out hip hop watches with a collection of well over 200 unique styles and colors to choose from. We feature only the highest quality hip hop watches with the same look and feel as genuine diamond watches. Since there is no one who would pay that much for a watch, we provide the next best thing for a fraction of that price. 

Our Hip Hop Watches are made with high quality parts and excellent craftsmanship just like the high end watches that cost thousands. They feature stainless steel or genuine leather, mineral scratch resistant crystals, and Miyota quartz movements. The stones you see in our hip hop watches are high quality CZ diamond simulated stones that have a nice, authentic looking shine and deep bling. If you want the look of a hip hop star without the rapper budget come check out the widest selection of hip hop watches at 

One of the most popular iced out watch choices is our huge selection of black iced out watches. You just cannot go wrong with black, it is sleek and cool and never goes out of style. Our black iced out watch collection features watches covered in dazzling black simulated diamonds. The stones we use are high quality simulated diamonds with no flaws. Each stone is carefully hand placed with perfection just like genuine diamond jewelry.

Also, if you are one who needs the real thing, but also a bargain hunter, our line of JoJino Diamond Watches. This section contains some of the best bang for your buck genuine diamond watches around. JoJino has always been a brand that focuses on top end Italian design watches made by Joe Rodeo New York. Hip Hop Bling is proud to be an authorized dealer for Joe Rodeo and we carry the full JoJino watch line at deeply discounted online prices. 

Hip hop bling focuses on quality and value, not just price. While some other sites offer cheaper low quality products with a plastic core, flash plated finishes and cloudy, stuck on stones, Hip hop bling takes our quality to another level. We are the only site on the internet that use solid metal and brass cores on all our jewelry, giving the piece the look but most importantly the feel of real fine jewelry. The stones on our products are high quality diamond simulates that actually sparkle like real diamonds in a crisp and clear manner. On higher quality VIP jewelry and premium jewelry, our stones are genuine cubic zirconias or Czech crystals which have similar physical properties to that of genuine diamonds.


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