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Columbia 8/26/2014 06:34 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

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Few place besides Hip Hop Bling offer high quality black hip hop jewelry and none of them sell it for our low prices. Black hip hop jewelry is simply the newest and most unique jewelry to hit the hip hop scene and many people are cashing in and selling it for ridiculously high prices or strictly custom pieces. But not here at Hip Hop Bling, we always keep you shining for less. 

Black hip hop jewelry is not platinum, it is not gold, it is black colored jewelry complete with black diamonds. The look is incredible and there is nothing else out there like it.

We make our black hip hop jewelry with the latest and highest quality designs and molds. This means you are getting jewelry that is as close to the real thing without paying thousands of dollars. However, we use heavy metal alloy so it still has the expensive feel and durability of real jewelry but costs only a small fraction of the price of real black diamond jewelry. The black finish is custom IP plating that most custom jewelers can’t even make and the black stones look just like exotic and rare black diamonds. The stealth look that our black hip hop jewelry has is simply incredible. 

Hip Hop Bling carries several kinds of black jewelry including pendants, crosses, bracelets and more. We also have exclusive hot pieces like the black Jesus piece which is a replica of the custom made piece worn by Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Celebrities have been wearing black hip hop jewelry with almost anything because it is one of the most versatile jewelry styles since the gold chain. It is not as flashy as white or yellow gold, and the stones have a unique shine that looks like a reflective mirror instead of that rainbow shine from white stones. The look is just crazy hot in person and it is a custom made look that no one else has yet. If you want to rock the latest black bling jewelry like today’s millionaire rappers and celebrities Hip Hop Bling’s black hip hop jewelry is for you.


Hip hop bling focuses on quality and value, not just price. While some other sites offer cheaper low quality products with a plastic core, flash plated finishes and cloudy, stuck on stones, Hip hop bling takes our quality to another level. We are the only site on the internet that use solid metal and brass cores on all our jewelry, giving the piece the look but most importantly the feel of real fine jewelry. The stones on our products are high quality diamond simulates that actually sparkle like real diamonds in a crisp and clear manner. On higher quality VIP jewelry and premium jewelry, our stones are genuine cubic zirconias or Czech crystals which have similar physical properties to that of genuine diamonds.


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