Loopster Cloud Based Video Editing App Allows Video Editing Anywhere at Anytime

Grand Junction 9/29/2014 11:03 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Loopster Online Editor
Loopster is a cloud based video editing application that allows you to edit your own videos anytime, anywhere. This makes Loopster a great tool for businesses, education or even personal amateur videos where you need to be able to work with one or more people in separate locations. Whether you are making a school project, new corporate or training video, advertisement or movie Loopster gives you all the necessary tools you need to create a professional looking video. 

Loopster gives you several options for storage within the cloud. You can either choose 10GB, 20GB, 100GB or choose the free option of 3GB. These are all incredibly affordable plans that allow you to be billed monthly or annually to save money. 

With Loopster, you can create an on-the-go visual branding experience for your company’s product, or you can capture and edit video moments with your family and personal video projects. Creating videos in house is a great way to save money and using Loopster for advertising, marketing and promotion among other ideas, is one of Loopster’s best application. 

Capture, create and share memories fast and simply with Loopster, even if you have never edited anything before. Loopster’s EZ Editing technology let’s you rotate, crop, splice, zoom and more for awesome videos that you can create quickly or take your time for awesome professional looking videos. 

Schools can give their students a video project for a more engaging and creative school project. What student would not have fun acting out their favorite scene from a book or history. It does not have to be a movie, you can record yourself making a science project, or doing something math related. With movies and video the possibilities are endless. 



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