New ‘Plus Size’ Shower Shirt Garment from The Shower Shirt™ Benefits Mastectomy Surgery Patients

Brevard County 10/07/2014 10:27 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

CBS News -- Channel 9 - WUSA Washington DC
Lisa Crites, the creator of the Shower Shirt, has recently introduced the first ‘Plus’ sized Shower Shirt garment for mastectomy surgery patients. After the original Shower Shirt in 2011, the increased demands for a water-resistant covering for mastectomy patients as well as dialysis and general chest surgery patients caused the company to introduce a Shower Shirt for a wider audience.  

The Shower Shirt was designed to protect against the risk of post-surgical infections after Crites was told she could not shower for two to three weeks after her bi-lateral mastectomy, and before the surgical drains were removed. Before the Crites invented the Shower Shirt, there were no protective products for mastectomy patients to shower in. 

Now patients have this great product to protect their surgical sites from water intrusion. The Shower Shirt is also being utilized for hemodialysis, bariatric and transplant patients, abdominal hernia patients, rotator cuff surgery patients and patients needing wound vacs and/or infusion pumps. 

About The Shower Shirt Co LLC:

The SHOWER SHIRT Co. was founded by a breast cancer patient who underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy. Frustrated with the prohibition of showering until her surgical drains were removed, she created The SHOWER SHIRT™. A product designed to restrict water from coming into the surgical drain sites. The company is located in Cocoa Beach FL USA.

For further information please contact:

Lisa F Crites
Shower Shirt Co LLCs
22 W Point Dr
Cocoa Beach FL USA 32931
321-784-9363 phone


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