Ginny Dehenny Featured in Coni Meyer’s New Book Crystalline Moments

Las Vegas 1/06/2015 05:46 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Ginny Dehenny’s story is one of love, loss and survival. She lost both of her children to very tragic circumstances while they were very young. She met Coni Meyers while they were both on a panel during a conference and her story affected Meyers on a personal level since she had just lost her husband a few weeks prior. 

Ginny’s story is about how you can turn grief into a positive action and how we can all push through the grieving process and find the opportunities that have been waiting for us. Though it may be hard to accept at first, there is a life to live after the loss of a loved one, and it is your job to grow and prosper from the depths of sorrow. 

Ginny’s story is perfect for those who have suffered a great loss and are feeling stuck. Getting past the trauma of losing, not one, but two children and being able to move forward is hard but Ginny’s story is a wonderful way to show that it can be done. Ginny explains that pushing yourself to physically do things is important. Also connecting with those you lost can help; her daughter was a yoga instructor for example, and doing yoga was a way for Ginny to to feel connected with her daughter again. 

Ginny also wrote an amazing book called Choosing Hope chronicling her and her husband’s journey through the grieving process. It is an absolutely inspiring book about moving forward and bravery.  

You can read the entirety of Ginny Dehenny’s story, as well as many other inspiring stories in the book Crystalline Moments by Coni Meyers coming out January 15th.


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