Internationally known Rock Climber shares in Coni Meyers book Crystalline Moments

Rock Climbing a Metaphor for Life…what Kevin Jorgeson, Internationally known Rock Climber shares in Coni Meyers book Crystalline Moments

Las Vegas 1/06/2015 10:17 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Kevin Jorgeson as a small child was continuously climbing on and up everything.  It was destiny that he would become an internationally known rock climber. He has been a sponsored climber now since he was 16 years old and has traveled the world rock climbing.  He even has been pictured on the cover of National Geographic. He is shown hanging off one of his latest projects, The Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. 

He and a friend have been working on a new route up the Dawn Wall of El Capitan for the last 6 years. The Dawn Wall is the flat side of El Capitan and in the beginning he was not sure it would even be possible. His partner in the climb had to believe for the both of them in the beginning because Kevin had his doubts. When they complete the route it will take approximately 2 weeks to ascend to the top from the bottom. They have approached the route from the top descending down and from the bottom ascending up.

He says that the decision to do a particular climb is a crystalline moment. Then the work on the climb creates the opportunities to grow and expand.  He discusses what goes into the planning and implementation of a climb and what happens once he reaches the top of the Dawn Wall project or any other project. He refers to any climb he is doing as a project. He also talks about what it is like to spend days and nights on the side of the Dawn Wall. When they complete the Dawn Wall project they will have spent hundreds of days working and sleeping on the side of the rock thousands of feet in the air. 

Everyone has a rock or mountain they are climbing to reach the life of their dreams. They need to maneuver the boulders and obstacles put in their way and find the opportunities that present themselves in their crystalline moments. Kevin says the decision to do a particular project is a crystalline moment. For all of us it is the decision to take action when a crystalline moment happens that provides our opportunities. Those opportunities present us with the means to grow and expand.   

You can read the entirety of Kevin Jorgeson’s story, as well as many other inspiring stories in the book Crystalline Moments by Coni Meyers coming out January 7th


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