Taylor Williams, Age 15, Third Degree Black Belt in Mixed Martial Arts, Philanthropist, Shares Her Story in Coni Meyer’s Book Crystalline Moments

Las Vegas 1/07/2015 07:43 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Taylor’s story is an inspiring story for any tween or teenager, or parent of a tween or teen.  She is a perfect example of what it means to seize those opportunities that moments of clarity bring.

Taylor Williams is not your ordinary teenage high school girl. Most kids that age you cannot get to clean their room or take out the trash. Taylor on the other hand has so many philanthropic endeavors that it would make most adults just shake their heads. Her story is the final story in this inspiring book because she is so exceptional. 

She started giving back when she was just a small child by insisting when she had a birthday that instead of gifts that people provide canned food for the food bank. Later she collected teddy bears for the police and at the age of 10 raised money for 2 clean water projects in Bangladesh and Ethiopia. She went on to build 2 clean water wells in Haiti.

At that point she wanted to expand her philanthropic activity to cure world hunger. Most recently she has put together an anti bullying campaign.That is in addition to getting her Third Degree Black belt and being in all advanced classes in school.

Taylor is a great example of noticing crystalline moments and what the opportunities are when they are happening. She is also example of how wonderful it is to seize these moments.  Unlike many of us as we reach adulthood, she will not lose that ability as she becomes an adult because she has taken advantage of them all along.  Many times as adults people get bogged down with circumstances and conditions because we don’t pay attention to what the moments of clarity mean for us.

Her story is one of commitment to be not just ordinary but extraordinary.  

Do you have a tween or teen that needs to grasp their dream?  As a parent would you like to help your child that has a great dream?  Do you want to learn from this 15 year old how you can go after your dream?  Taylor inspires everyone around her everyday both young and old alike to not be ordinary but extraordinary.  Her story will show how she does it. 

You can read the entirety of Taylor Williams’ story, as well as many other inspiring stories in the book Crystalline Moments by Coni Meyers coming out January 7th



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