Read Inspirational Stories from Stroke Victims in Stroke Recovery Stories by Author Jeff Kagan

Marietta 5/01/2015 02:07 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

In his new book, Stroke Recovery Stories, author Jeff Kagan attempts to help other stroke victims like himself recover with stories that can either make you laugh or cry, but all will give you hope. About a decade ago, Jeff Kagan was driving to the beach for a family vacation when he suddenly felt very tired and confused. At the time he was unaware this was going to be the beginning of a new journey in his life. 

Having a stroke changed everything for Mr. Kagan, as it has for many others, and will continue to do for years to come. Every stroke victim reacts differently; Mr. Kagan had trouble understanding some things nor could he feel worried. This made the stroke an even bigger burden on his family than it was on him. The stories in Jeff’s book will help answer some of the questions that a stroke victim may have, answered by people who have lived through it, and lived with the people that lived through it. Doctors look at strokes logically and from a healthcare perspective, but stroke victims and their families also need help emotionally and that is where Stroke Recovery Stories comes in. 

If you are a stroke victim like Jeff Kagan, or the loved one of a stroke victim, trying to discover how your life is about to change, pick up Stroke Recovery Stories today. If you want to know how you should feel, what you should and should not do, or what you could do to more fully and more quickly recover, Stroke Recovery Stories is available on today

Hear the stories of stroke victims and their families; their struggles and their triumphs. Stroke Recovery Stories will provide fundamental knowledge and crucial information in a conversational tone that is easy to understand to assure you that recovery will happen. It all depends on the degree and the time. 

Every stroke is different and every person a stroke happens to is different. Some could have a full recovery quickly and others may take a bit of time, regardless there are no shortcuts. For recovery to happen one must think positive and work hard every single day. 

Buy Stroke Recovery Stories on Amazon today and start your journey on the path to recovery. 

Also available on Amazon Life After Stroke: On the Road to Recovery by Author Jeff Kagan.


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