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Daniel Island 5/28/2015 12:51 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

According to recently released statistics by the United States Department of Education, most Americans who attended colleges, universities or trade schools to obtain higher education are carrying at least $30,000.00 in debt from student loans. Due to a poor economy and an almost impenetrable job market, these former students have not been able to locate the gainful employment they had hoped for when they initially took out the loans despite their diligent job searching efforts. Student Loan Law Group realizes that many borrowers only burdened themselves with student loan debt because they believed that the higher education they were receiving in exchange for taking on the massive debt would lead to better paying jobs and financial stability. Many former students are now realizing that they were duped by these false beliefs that were created through the deceptive advertising of for-profit institutions. Those borrowers now face the harsh reality of an insurmountable level of student loan debt coupled with a salary far lower than they reasonably expected to be earning with their degree.

Student Loan Law Group recognizes that those with student loan debt are often unable to repay the loans and need someone to fight to protect their rights. Attorneys with Student Loan Law Group represent borrowers who are financially drowning from their student loans. Borrowers who have overwhelming monthly payment amounts that they simply cannot afford to maintain are encouraged to contact Student Loan Law Group immediately.

Student Loan Law Group consists of attorneys who represent borrowers who are in default and have experienced wage, tax or Social Security garnishment. Additionally, Student Loan Law Group may help borrowers make their student loan debt more manageable by giving borrowers step-by-step guides on how to consolidate their loans and apply for income-driven repayment plans.

Student Loan Law Group also offers a vast online-knowledge base to members of Student Loan Law Group’s online community. Membership includes a constantly updated online resource with clear and detailed information regarding the most effective methods and tools to manage student loan debt. Membership to Student Loan Law Group’s online community also includes up to one thirty (30) minute telephone consultation with a licensed attorney. The telephone consultation is optional and is simply available for members to take advantage of at their discretion should they have any additional questions or want to ask for help regarding their personal financial situation. To gain access to Student Loan Law Group’s online community, call 888-843-1706888-843-1706 FREE today



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