Gulf Breeze Recovery is a Non 12 Step Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Gulf Breeze 6/09/2015 10:00 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

How many rehabs until Recovery?

Gulf Breeze Recovery is a holistic drug and alcohol recovery facility located on the water overlooking Pensacola Beach. We employ a non 12 step, mindfulness-based drug rehab program that focuses on the health of the mind as well as the body. Our hand-picked team of psychologists and licensed mental health therapists have a combined total of 100 years of experience and receive specialized training in addiction and co-occurring disorders in order to provide the most comprehensive care possible to our guests.  Our facility leads the industry in the number of therapy hours provided because we want each of our guests to have the most therapeutic experience possible.

Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction can be extremely difficult, physically taxing on the body, or even dangerous if done incorrectly. This is why Gulf Breeze Recovery’s detox program has a team of licensed doctors and nurses that provide acute care 24 hours a day seven days a week, onsite for comfort and privacy. Our process is safely and comfortably performed in a fully licensed medical detoxification wing of our facility, and our detox guests are never more than just a few steps away from our nurses at all times.

Our research showed us that when it comes to treatment programs, the detoxification experience and amenities of the facility are just as important in guest satisfaction as the program itself. We know that when our guests feel they are being cared for by our attentive and professional medical team, they are able to feel comfortable more quickly, and that positivity can carry over into the rest of their program. All of our detoxification rooms are in a separate wing of the facility with a Class II in-stock floor pharmacy, and are private to allow for a safe and comfortable withdrawal. The detox protocol is designed to keep our guest’s comfortable throughout the physical symptoms of withdrawal, and is monitored by a Board Certified Addictionologist to ensure the utmost safety of our guests.

Our building was specifically designed to look and feel like a welcoming retreat, with private rooms, cozy living areas, a state of the art kitchen with commercial quality appliances and a beautiful view of the water and Pensacola Beach. The rehab facility is kept neat and clean by our housekeeping staff 7 days a week, and the décor is tasteful and elegant and provides a beautiful place to relax and get well. Our facility has 26 residential beds and 5 medical detox beds, which makes us large enough to run the way a professional rehab center should, but not so large that it feels like a hospital or institution. Our staff are friendly and compassionate, and turnaround is almost nonexistent because they genuinely care about what they do and the guests they come in contact with.

At Gulf Breeze Recovery, you can get the care you need through our non 12 step holistic drug rehab facility. If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol, please contact the staff at Gulf Breeze Recovery and find the answers you are looking for.


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