Great Business Reviews Mean More Business

Your business reputation depends on good reviews.

Cincinnati 8/31/2015 05:18 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

One of the most important ways for a local business to get more business is to get reviews and get lots of great 5 star reviews.

As a local business owner ask customers post to local directories, social media communities, and private directories.

The internet market has changed. With the increase of activity in social media, smartphones and the use of the internet as an information gathering resource, the local business customer is much more informed about the business or profession.Over 80% of those searching to solve their problem go online for the answer.

Whether it be to find a decent restaurant for their next meal or a dentist to cure a tooth ache,, customers are going online first to check reviews before making a buying decision. If, as a local business, you do not have reviews, your customers will go to your competition where they do find reviews. As a matter of fact these customers want to see 10 reviews before they even consider your local business legitimate.

How do you get local business reviews?

A good way to get reviews is to ask your client / customer for the review. Send a follow up email or mail request after the service is complete. Direct customers to post the review online. As a business, you cannot post on their behalf.

If you do not have time to get reviews and your budget allows, hire a reputation professional and have them set up a strategy that will get those business reviews. 

Reviews matter.


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