The Barbers in Montgomery OH Closing On 50 Years of Community Hair Cuts

Local Montgomery OH Barber Shop a fixture of the community.

Cincinnati 9/30/2015 08:33 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The Barbers in Montgomery OH, have been part of the Montgomery Community, at the same location, for not quite 50 years. 

This Barber Shop has seen the area grow from what was once a rural setting to a thriving residential community full of schools, restaurants, and shopping.

A visit to the barbers in Montgomery is a throwback to the days of rock n roll. The walls are filled with albums of the past, each album cover with a story. 

Ask Ron, the proprietor, and he will share information that very few of us know of any one of the recording artists.

The Barber Shop is like a visit to a Norman Rockwell setting with all the conversation. 

Mothers bring their kids, drop them off, and head to Krogers to load up on groceries.

Teenagers know to expect the exact cut they want and will avoid any next day hair cut embarrassment.

Adults get comfortable with coming back to the same place and same barber knowing they will get the haircut they had last time and enjoy spirited conversation.

Get to know The Barbers of Montgomery OH. Not only is it part of the community history, but you will get a great hair cut.

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