Bakeries Can Market Their Goods Online Using As Their Marketing Starting Place

Atlanta 3/01/2016 01:00 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

When you are hungry, photos of well made food and dessert probably serve as a major starting place for what you are going to have for lunch. As lunch time approaches and you ponder what you feel like eating, you may check out Instagram or Pinterest to get ideas of what to eat. As a bakery, you want to be able to advertise your creations so you can draw more customers to your bakery. With Findit, you can manage all of your content, photos, and your menu in one place.

Findit gives bakeries a single dashboard to post everything they need to about their bakery shop. A Findit Site can have contact information, photos, the bakeries menu, and the ability to post Right Now status updates that can include up to 6000 characters, photos, a video, a link, a press release, and an audio file. From there, bakeries can share their post to all of their social sites. This really gives bakeries the ability to advertise their daily specials in one place, but reach the largest possible audience with the least amount of time spent.

Findit is designed as an open platform so that anyone anywhere could see what bakeries are posting. It doesn’t do a lot of good to post photos of specials to your Facebook feed when only your friends can see it. Posting Right Now status updates to Findit allows you to reach a larger audience including your Facebook friends because each individual post creates its own page in Findit that it can be shared from. This also enables search engines to index all of you posts, pictures and other content in your Findit Site. By setting up your Findit site you are now reaching the audience that is searching for bakeries in a given location.

Bakeries can save time by using Findit as their starting point for their social media marketing.

“Members that use Findit have seen an increase in organic search results for their geo targeted locations and for the services they provide” says Peter Tosto of Findit Inc. Bakeries that want to gain more customers need to target the audience that hasn’t heard about them and they can do so with Findit.

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