Black Seadevil Rarely Caught on Film is a Black Seadevil

Irvine 5/09/2016 04:03 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Sailing silently thought the dark, a remote operated vehicle catches what researches believe are to be the first ever seen images of the elusive and rare Black Seadevil angler fish alive at their natural depth.  “Fewer than half a dozen have ever been captured on film or video by deep diving research vehicle” says MBARI (The Monterey May Aquarium Research Institute) “It lives in the deep dark waters of the Monterey  Canyon.”

One of the most bizarre-looking fish in the sea, the Black Seadevil, known scientifically as Melanecetus, lives at a depth of 600 meters and have been trawled as deep as 3000 meters.   They are found in tropical to temperate waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans.


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