Make Your First Motorcycle Tour An Adventure Training Tour With MotoDiscovery To Learn The Skills You Need To Ride Boldly Around The World

Bulverde 5/31/2016 08:15 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Have you always wanted to take an exciting motorcycle tour, but have lacked the confidence in your own ridding skills to do so? Sign up for an Adventure Training Tour with MotoDiscovery and learn all you will need to know to ride boldly on your next motorcycle tour. Our Adventure Training Tours start with a weekend in the classroom. The Training Tours are designed for those who have the desire to travel beyond the pavement but lack (or want to improve) the important fundamentals and basics required to ride in a variety of off road conditions.

The small size of our classes allows for one-on-one coaching so that you can build the confidence to take on the rougher roads of countries across the world. Sign up for MotoDiscovery’s PURE Moab and Training Motorcycle Tour and build your off-roading skills through classroom time and practical application. Ride through the wondrous, winding red Canyons of Utah and get a fulfilling taste of an exciting motorcycle tour. Our PURE Moab and Training Motorcycle Tour will take place in 2016 from October 8th through the 14th and will extend over 925 miles of terrain.

Gain the confidence you need during your PURE Moab and Training Motorcycle Tour to take on larger, more epic motorcycle tours such as MotoDiscovery’s 52 day-long Trans Amazonian Challenge or our European motorcycle tour from Black Sea to the Caspian.

Ride the little-known roads of the world and experience a mix of authentic culture when you travel the world with MotoDiscovery. We host motorcycle tours worldwide. Make memories to last a lifetime when you ride on the back of two wheels with MotoDiscovery.


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