Take An Epic Adventure Through South America On The Trans Amazonian Challenge Motorcycle Tour With MotoDiscovery

Bulverde 6/03/2016 08:01 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Travel the world in an unconventional way when you start Adventure Touring with MotoDiscovery. Do not settle for just touring the world, experience the world from the back of two wheels when you sign up for an exciting motorcycle tour. Join MotoDicovery for our most epic South American motorcycle tour of 2016 when you sign up for the Trans Amazonian Challenge Motorcycle Tour. Step away from the chaos of the world and experience the great Amazonian Basin during this 52-day-long trip. Ride for over 9,000 miles, through eight South American countries including Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and Brazil.

Prior off-road riding experience is essential and previous rider training is recommended. This event is intended for Adventure Touring enthusiasts who can demonstrate off road riding experience as the physical condition as well as social qualities are conducive to teamwork and require flexibility for the success of the journey.

MotoDiscovery is pleased to share the road with Motolombia on this pioneering motorcycle tour into the heart of the Amazon. Ride through the thick brush of the Amazonia Basin and drive through the dirt, mud, rain, forest tracks, mountain passes, boat crossings and beautiful paved roads of South America. Explore a mix of cultural on the Trans Amazonian Challenge Motorcycle Tour.

The 2016 departure of the Trans Amazonian Challenge Motorcycle Tour is August 15th through October the 5th. Spots on this tour are limited to 10 people, so sign up for your tour and save your spot on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Experience an authentic adventure when you ride with MotoDiscovery on our Trans Amazonian Challenge Motorcycle Tour.



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